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Wix vs Bluehost battle

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Don’t get me wrong, Wix is an excellent tool that helps beginners build sites fast. However, the platform is not so much a complete hosting service as it is a website builder that also offers web hosting on the side. Wix has three Business & eCommerce plans with more computing resources and a few eCommerce-oriented features, but these are still hosted in a shared environment. They’re not nearly as powerful as a VPS or dedicated server, so if your website gets a lot of traffic, you’ll most likely have to find it a new home. Even if you opt for shared hosting now, you can upgrade to a managed WordPress or WooCommerce plan later on. If you need even more power, there are VPS and dedicated server options to suit any website.

Bluehost, however, offers only the most basic features for free. More simple tools like WordPress installer, or domain management, which are typically in the cPanel, are brought out to the main dashboard. In cPanel, you can create and manage free email accounts, reach databases, or a file manager. Bluehost, on the other hand, is a hosting provider that lets you build a website using the content management system of your choice. Though the focus lies on the ever-so-popular WordPress. Ultimately, we feel that Wix takes this round, as you get more flexibility in the features you’ll be paying for.

Bluehost is a web host on which you can publish your website files. To be able to build your website you need a platform like or Joomla. Ask Any Difference is made to provide differences and comparisons of terms, products and services. The vision is to cover all differences with great depth. A few years ago we as a company were searching for various terms and wanted to know the differences between them. Ever since then, we’ve been tearing up the trails and immersing ourselves in this wonderful hobby of writing about the differences and comparisons.

To create more equal conditions for this wix vs bluehost comparison , I tested both providers from the US, and both are hosted in the US data centers. Then, right smack at the center of the page is a to-do list to get you started. This list covers important web-creation steps if you’re using WordPress. And then, you are free to customize the site as you like with a drag-and-drop.

Using the drag-and-drop builder, you can easily modify the template to your liking. The builder gives you a far broader range of customizing options. Any element can be dragged and dropped to any location. In comparison to the Basic plan, Plus ($5.45/mo) allows you to connect unlimited websites and provides unlimited SSD storage. If you’re looking to use Bluehost to build your website, you can either use its native website builder, or install WordPress and then use it to build it. In that case, Bluehost will only serve as a host to your WordPress site.

However, while Bluehost was much faster, Wix managed to uphold bigger traffic. Overall, Wix and Bluehost have equally useful extra features to enhance your site’s functionality. You can access this tool from your WordPress admin panel in the Bluehost plugin.

Bluehost’s experience and proven track record in the hosting industry can help you launch a site that’s both beautiful and fast. The Wix-hosted site actually held up better to the stress test. One thing to keep in mind is that these tests were done using the cheapest plan on both providers. It’s likely that both hosts can perform better if you’re on a more expensive plan.

Bluehost – is one of the 20 biggest hosting providers across the globe powering more than 4 million domains. The company offers a variety of server solutions for various needs as well as WordPress-optimized hosting that leverages the complexity of using traditional CMS platforms. It boasts great performance, stability, integration speed, and ease of use. That said, Wix’s and Bluehost’s customer support is okay. However, the tickets are processed quickly, and callbacks are free. Bluehost’s support can be reached through live chat and phone.

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