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An essential guide to building an emergency fund

Other doctors tend to switch into them but rarely switch out of them when changing specialties. I don’t think there is any job in medicine that is truly easy and I am not trying to imply that. One option that is a little easier than doing a whole residency is…

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An Improved and Efficient Micro

Some systems need extensions to allow customers to withdraw their money and exchange them back to dollars. Many micropayment schemes require customers to buy specific scrips for each merchant they want to pay. ECash is supposedly a system that offers the possibility to pay anywhere on the Internet. It might…

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Download Mb Bank App

MB Bank credits digital transformation as the reason it was able to attract two million more customers in 2020, despite the pandemic. The bank had relied on enterprise service bus technology to publish APIs, but found this approach limited. For example, its technology team could not effectively monitor APIs for…