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Rock County Board Sets Aside $1 5m For Small Business Assistance

Whether you’re a small, family-owned dairy business or a solo entrepreneur looking to start your first business, there are many small business grants in Wisconsin. We’ve put together a list of six government and private grants. As these deadlines come and go, be sure to check back regularly for new…

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Arts & Culture

By some definitions, such as that by Greg Costikyan, they are not games since there are no decisions to make which affect the outcome. Many sports require special equipment and dedicated playing fields, leading to the involvement of a community much larger than the group of players. A city or…

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Types of Travel

There are many reasons why we travel, including recreation, holidays, gathering information, visiting people, volunteer travel for charity, migration to live somewhere else, religious pilgrimages and mission trips, and business trips. The various modes of transportation that travelers use vary widely, from human-powered modes to automobiles. They may also choose…

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Lifestyle And Their Terms

A lifestyle is a group of interests, opinions, and behaviours. The term was coined by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in his 1929 book, The Case of Miss R. It is the basic character of an individual, shaped by their early experiences. Some people have a more ‘hip’ lifestyle than others….

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A healthy person’s physical state is important.

A state of health is a state of complete well-being and absence of disease or infirmity. According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of “general physical, mental, and social well-being”. However, different definitions of health have been used throughout history. In the United States, the term “health”…

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The Definition of Technology

Technology is a term that describes all types of engineering design. Its word comes from the Greek words techne and logos, which mean craft and art. The word techne means art, craft means a way of making something or gaining something, and logos is a word that represents inward thought…